What is Lift Up?

Lift Up is a digital nonprofit platform that makes it easy for anyone to make an impact. Choose from a menu of certified projects, 100% directly impacts people in need.

Why does Lift Up exist?

1 in 6 people live in extreme poverty, without access to clean water, education, housing, food, healthcare and electricity. We are here to change that!

How does Lift Up work?

  1. You select a project that you are passionate about.
  2. 100% of your donation will directly impact specified projects. We reimburse your credit card fees if you choose not to cover them.
  3. See your impact through photos, videos, and GPS coordinates.

Is my donation tax-deductible?

Yes. Lift Up is a registered and approved 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. EIN: 82-3630879.

Why should I give to Lift Up?

Our user-friendly, trusted platform, makes it easy for you to make a life-changing impact anywhere in the world. Alongside our commitment to a 100% Model, every project goes through a rigorous 12-step certification process to maximize impact.

How do you find Projects?

The platform empowers nonprofits from around the world to Submit a Project. Every project goes through a rigorous 12-Step Certification Process. We only approve projects that are credible, sustainable and locally powered.

Where does my monthly donation go?

100% of monthly donations go directly the projects in the impact category of your choice. Also, known as Heavy Lifters. 

How does Lift Up make money?

We are committed to a true 100% Model where the overhead expenses are covered by an incredible group of passionate donors and corporations exponentially advancing the mission of Lift Up. Learn more about the CORE today!

Can I write a check to Lift Up?

Yes! You can send a check to this address:

Lift Up
41 10th Ave N
Hopkins, MN 55343

Can I donate stock to Lift Up?

Yes. Email all inquiries to matt@liftup.com