100% Model

100% of public donations directly fund certified projects.

Give to the Core

The CORE enables us to sustain an ambitious 100% model. Creating ways for corporations and private donors to partner with Lift Up to support the operational budget. Their investment enables us to scale the organization, maximize impact, and bring our mission into reality.
At Lift Up, we understand that people are living in extreme need all around the world. We also understand the impact every dollar can make. The CORE enables us to give every single dollar away.


We have an ambitious goal of giving 100% of donations away. In order to support this goal, we have a group of corporations and private donors who exponentially increase the impact by helping support the operational budget of Lift Up.

Bionic Giant

Bionic Giant, a Minneapolis hybrid creative agency, has been an invaluable partner in the launch of Lift Up, donating their strategic, creative, and technical talent to craft our brand identity and website platform.

The Core is a program for donors to give a set amount to the annual operating costs of Lift Up. Their support allows us to continue to scale the organization using our 100% model and maximize our impact as we Lift Up tangible needs all around the world!

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