Shane O’Rourke

Founder & CEO

Shane, a proud husband to his wife Gabi and father to his son Brecken and daughter Saylor, resides in the beautiful state of Minnesota. Alumni of Bethel University, he loves spending his free time either at the beach or on the basketball court. Shane is a visionary entrepreneur, dedicated to building a self-sustainable 100% impact model.

Shane’s life was forever transformed after five eye-opening trips to a remote village in Haiti. During one of his visits, he met a young boy who was denied education and proper nutrition after losing his only pair of shoes. In Haiti, a pair of shoes is only worth $5 but can create a life-changing impact. The young boy was given a pair of shoes, allowing him to return to school the next morning. Regaining access to the nourishment he deserved.

This life-changing encounter fueled his passion for generosity and drove him to launch Lift Up with the team in 2018. Committed to maximizing impact together as a community of Lifters.