Water Well and Filtration System in Nepal

$200 of $2,205
1 Month Left
Location: Tileshwar, Nepal
Partner: Boundless Foundation
Impact: 588 Students & Staff

$4 to change a life!

A water well and purification system for Shree Saraswati Secondary School in Bagmati, Nepal. The school has 562 students in 12 grades supported by 26 staff. This project will fund a deep bore hole, which will pump ground water through a water filtration system. The students and staff currently do not have access to any potable water for drinking, kitchen use, or cleaning. They currently only have access to unsanitary water which results in sickness and other health problems causing lack of ability to attend school.

It was originally planned to dig a deep bore hole next to the school and install a water filtration system. Upon further research, it was discovered that the school can tap into an existing water source, and pipe it to a water tank. From this holding tank, the water will then go through a filtration system. The filtered, potable water will then be stored in a second water tank, providing clean water upon demand at the newly installed faucets.

For only $4 a person, we can dismantle generational poverty.