Medical Care & Education to Orphans

$5,028 of $5,000
This project is completed!
Location: Owerri, Nigeria
Partner: Hands4Life
Placement: Healthcare
Impact: 25 Orphans

We pair orphan children with orphan older adults. The seniors impart their wisdom to the children and the children learn to love and respect their elders.  Your gift will alter lives in the ways of:

  • Surgery to save the sight of several of our grandparents
  • Eyeglasses for a boy so he can see the chalkboard
  • A wheelchair so grandma can leave her home to go to church
  • Alzeimer medication to stablize a grandpa
  • Dental care for a grandpa so he can eat
  • Medication for Malaria, Typhoid, Diabetes, High Blood pressure, and more.
  • School tuition for children

When you Lend A Hand to Hands 4Life, you will Lift Up those in need and contribute to generational change! You will help care for those from womb to tomb.

Transforming Lives From Womb To Tomb

Medical Care & Education to Orphans

$5,028 of $5,000
Project Completed