Rescue Families from Debt Enslavement

$600 of $4,500
24 Days Left
Location: Pakistan
Partner: Exodus 5:1
Impact: 15 Kids & Families

Together, we have the power to rescue 15 incredible kids and adults from the toughest situations, breaking the chains of enslavement. Passionate volunteers in Pakistan are on a mission to prioritize the rescue and shine a bright light on the future of kids in desperate need. These multi-generational families can pay off their ‘debt’ for as little as $300 per person. By purchasing their freedom, providing safe aftercare housing and enrolling the children in school, Exodus 5:1 aims to prevent the next generation from falling into the clutches to this cruel fate. In scorching temperatures up to 110 degrees outdoors and 150 degrees on top of the brick kilns, families mold and flip bricks for up to 14 hours a day. Their fingers, worn smooth from labor, with no fingerprint left, tell of their hardship of a life, born into slavery. Survival essentials are bought from the owner, forcing them to cook with dried animal feces, while polluted groundwater becomes their only drinking source. Amidst these dire conditions, rape is rampant, and children often bear beatings for their parents’ inability to meet quotas. Among these “normal” conditions some slaves are in more pressing need of rescue. Volunteers in Pakistan identify the families in the worst situations to prioritize rescue. Families have been identified for the next rescue mission.

Children deserve to learn and grow in freedom, not work 14 hours a day.