Safe Drinking Water For 600 Kids

$2,063 of $3,500
10 Days Left
Location: Accra, Ghana
Partner: Project Safety Nets
Impact: 1,500 People

Every $2.50 gives clean water to one person in need! 80% of all diseases in Ghana are caused by unsafe water and poor sanitation and more than nine million people don’t have access to safe drinking water. We are partnering with Project Safety Nets, who take trips with global organizations to install and teach local communities how to use water wells to produce clean water for many years. The water well will be installed at a Great Mission international School in Accra, Ghana where 600 kids and the community of 1,500 do not currently have access to clean water. Shockingly, over nine million individuals lack access to clean drinking water, exacerbating the cycle of illness. Our collaboration with Project Safety Nets, known for their impactful global initiatives, aims to alleviate this crisis. Through their expertise and relationship with the Great Mission International, we will install a sustainable water well and provide comprehensive education to empower local communities for years to come. At the heart of our endeavor lies the Great Mission International School in Accra, Ghana—a beacon of hope for 600 children and a community of 1,500. These vibrant young minds, along with their families, currently endure the daily struggle of water scarcity and contamination. By installing a water well at the school, we not only ensure a vital resource for education and growth but also catalyze positive change for generations. Clean water isn’t just a necessity; it’s a fundamental right that unlocks the potential of these children and transforms the trajectory of their lives. Together, let’s make waves of difference and provide them with the safe drinking water they deserve.

$5 can give a kid clean water for 10 years