Renovation for Flooded School in Iquitos

$99,178 of $90,000
This project is completed!
Location: Iquitos, Peru
Partner: SKC Peru
Placement: Education
Impact: 1,000 Kids

Change the trajectory of kids lives for generations to come!

Community: Nestled in the Amazon Jungle, Sunshine Kids Club is a place of hope for hundreds of kids.  Lift Up is partnering with Highmark to construct a school large enough to support the community of 10,000-12,000 Peruvian people. It will also be the first concrete structure to make sure the school has a sustainable structure to continue to educate these incredible kids long term. This community consists of 1,000 plus children 0-15 years old, who will directly benefit from this project.

School: The school itself, will have the potential to impact up to 1,000 students and provide hope for the future, through education and biblical teaching.  The ability to learn and self-teach depends heavily on the ability to read and write.  Without which, the road to success becomes almost impossible. It is important to us that the children succeed in life, but nothing is more important than their ability to self-nurture a relationship with their Father in heaven. This is obtained by reading His word.

Your Impact: Help give impoverished kids the chance to have a safe place to belong. This Sunshine Kids Club is much more then a school. It is a pillar in the community where these kids have the chance to be in a healthy environment and get to be uplifted and have positive experiences to put them on a trajectory towards a better life with increased opportunity. We invite you to be a part of it.

This school will transform lives for generations to come.

Renovation for Flooded School in Iquitos

$99,178 of $90,000
Project Completed