Clean Water & Renewable Energy In Remote Areas

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Location: Rwanda
Partner: OffGridBox
Placement: Community Development
Impact: 2,000 People
The Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) model empowers rural communities by providing access to renewable energy and clean water at an affordable price.
If you are a company or an NGO interested in making the same impact while also generating revenues, you could consider franchising our OffGridBox. All it takes is an initial investment that covers production, shipment, installation, and training.
After deployment, we charge a modest monthly service fee ($100) for remote monitoring, training on the business model, and for the use of proprietary software to manage the business model, maintenance, and hardware technology.
So far, we have successfully installed dozens of PAYG boxes, with more boxes (already funded!) being deployed in the near future in Rwanda, Kenya, Uganda, and the DRC.
OffGridBox users do the following:
– Purchase a battery kit + jerrycans (micro loans available)
– Pay a small amount (18 cents) to recharge the battery, get purified water, and access Wi-Fi from the box at each visit
– Use services about 2-3 times a week
– About 400 families are served from each box
Women entrepreneurs are trained to run the boxes with our mobile application and people in remote areas now have access to purified water, clean energy, and Wi-Fi for communication! The box also provides energy for small businesses like welders, carpenters, computer workshops, etc.
Life-changing impact in Remote Areas.