Myanmar Community Water Filtration

$3,576 of $3,500
This project is completed!
Location: Yangon, Myanmar
Partner: Peace Gospel
Placement: Main Campus
Impact: 2,047 People

Clean water for up to 10 years for only $1.70 per person!

We are providing a brand new industrial reverse-osmosis water filtration system to be installed at our main campus in Yangon, Myanmar. This will provide affordable and safe drinking water for over 2,000 local neighbors and 47 orphans at our three orphan homes in Yangon.

We plan to sustain this project through the Peace Gospel team who will make the purified drinking water available to local neighbors at an affordable cost of just $0.15 per bottle. This will pay to keep the machine and filters maintained.

Become a #Lifter today and help change lives of people in need living in Myanmar!

Saving the lives and futures of orphans and vulnerable children.

Myanmar Community Water Filtration

$3,576 of $3,500
Project Completed