Cancer Prevention for Women in Haiti

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This project is completed!
Location: Titanyen, Haiti
Partner: Healing Haiti
Placement: Medical Center
Impact: 744 Women

Less then $7 to help extend the life expectancy of a Haitian woman!

Healing Haiti’s Clinics screen 90 women each month, providing lab analysis and treatment. 28% of Haitian women will test positive for the early stages of Cervical Cancer. It is one of the leading causes of cancer deaths of women in Haiti. We can change this!

This reality is happening during a time when gynecological exams and timely vaccinations have largely prevented cervical cancer in other parts of the world.  In January of 2018, Healing Haiti invested in a diagnostic machine that allows us to combat this deadly disease. The process begins as the Haitian nursing staff at Grace Clinic screen women for the HPV virus which is a precursor to cervical cancer. Ninety specimens are obtained and then the laboratory technicians run the samples to detect HPV.  It has been our experience that 28% of the women are + for HPV. The women are then notified of their status and, if positive, they return to the clinic for lifesaving cryotherapy by the clinic physician.  Supplies are needed to carry out this program and prevent premature death from cervical cancer in mom’s, grandmother’s, aunts and sisters who hold families together in Haiti.

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Cancer Prevention for Women in Haiti

$5,208 of $5,208
Project Completed