Lyrik Students Holiday Help

$4,052 of $4,000
This project is completed!
Location: Kansas City, Missouri
Partner: Lyrik’s Institution
Placement: Education
Impact: 40 Students
The mission is Lyrik’s Institution is to reduce crime and violence by targeting destructive thinking errors and reworking them into productive behaviors. Lyrik’s Institution is a cognitive based program that allows its students to master in the Creative Arts of their choice. Lyrik’s understands the power of the culture and sees that it is influential enough to reinforce the cognitive behavior therapy strategy, and that tools require an environment that encourages and fosters them in order to succeed.

They offer school-based programing, professional development, classroom management coaching, school leadership intervention, summer programing and Internship and Mentorship Programs.

We would like to provide 40 Lyrik’s Institution students attending Northeast High with $100 each for the holidays. This will help the students to get through the winter break time by helping them pay their bills and support their families. If we have extra money, we’d love to give each student more than $100.

Change your thoughts and change your world.

Lyrik Students Holiday Help

$4,052 of $4,000
Project Completed