COVID-19 Education Relief | Computers

$6,837 of $6,550
This project is completed!
Location: Twin Cities, MN (primarily)
Partner: PCs for People
Placement: Students Homes
Impact: 75 Students

Only $80 to refurbish a computer for a student without access to an education due to distance learning!

This project will provide laptops for low-income students forced to move to distance learning due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We are working with PCs for People to provide the opportunity for all low-income individuals and nonprofits to benefit from the life-changing impact of computers and mobile internet. Be a part of the impact as we work to help everyone receive the proper education they deserve during these unprecedented times.

Your generosity will change lives! Become a Lifter today.

Everyone deserves access to an education.

COVID-19 Education Relief | Computers

$6,837 of $6,550
Project Completed