Kampala Children’s Hope Center School

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This project is completed!
Location: Kampala, Uganda
Partner: Peace Gospel International
Placement: Primary School
Impact: 168 Kids

The purpose of the Kampala Hope Center School is to save the lives and futures of orphans and vulnerable children who are starving, living without adequate food, water, medical care, shelter, and education. We do this by providing them with nutrition and free education, including all the supplies they need to succeed in school.

The Kampala Hope Center School will be two temporary structures with six classrooms (3 classrooms for each structure) with blackboards; it is a new structure made of iron sheets, timbers and poles cementing. This new site will be built on land next to our Kampala director’s church where the land is not prone to flooding. Our current Kampala Hope Center School building is located in a slum area which is prone to bad flooding. The structures will be painted and funding will include furnishings for the school such as chairs, desks, tables and small plastic chairs for the children.

Through our Hope Center School, we have also been able to serve 3 fresh-cooked meals a day to over 2,000 children — that includes both our students and other children in the local slum colony where our school is located. The school provides a primary school education for grades K-8 to the children in this slum area of Kampala who would otherwise have no access to an education. The children study Luganda (one of the native languages of Uganda), English, science, social studies, math, reading, and physical education at the school.

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We exist to save the lives and futures of orphans and vulnerable children.

Kampala Children’s Hope Center School

$4,254 of $4,254
Project Completed