Hurricane Relief in Honduras

$356 of $5,000
14 Days Left
Location: Cortes, Honduras
Partner: Goodjustice
Placement: Community
Impact: 1,750 People
In September, after being in a strict five month do not leave the house quarantine our Honduran friends began to go back to work and farm their fields. Feeling like there was some form of normalcy to come in the later part of 2020 their fears were shifting to optimism. Little did they know what was to come.
On November 4th, slow moving category 4 Hurricane Eta made landfall reeking havoc on everything in its path. Due to the slow movement of the storm mass amounts of rain caused catastrophic flooding and landslides. Peoples homes were overwhelmed and sought higher ground taking only what they could hold in their hands leaving everything else they own to be washed away.
We wish that we could say that the people were able to go back to their homes after a few days but just 10 days later Category 4 Hurricane Iota made landfall and took about the same path. Where there was 3-4 foot of flooding there is now 7-8 foot of water. Think of 8 foot of water in your home. Every possession including the security of your home is under water or washed away. That is the reality of many of our Honduran friends. Totally devastated.
Goodjustice has responded since the first day after Hurricane Eta and continues to respond with hot food, food staples for cooking, medicine, clothing, diapers, water, water filtration systems and milk. The need is very great, but with your help we will continue to respond with emergency assistance in the weeks to come and with rebuilding homes in the months to come.
Providing emergency relief for families in desperate need.