Hurricane Ian Disaster Relief

$5,056 of $5,000
This project is completed!
Location: , Florida
Partner: Aerial Recovery Group
Placement: Community Development
Impact: 2,500 People

Aerial Recovery has deployed two teams to Cuba and Florida to assess needs, search and rescue, aid distribution, medical response and disaster relief.

Cuba has experienced intense flooding during the Category 3 storm. The gulf side of Florida is experiencing winds of up to 155 mph as the the Category 4 *near 5) storm hits.

Aerial has a team of miltary or past miltary volunteers that will link up with other emergency operations – both governmental and non governmental organizations – to get to the hardest to reach people and places, delivering supplies and medical help along the way. They will not only provide field medical help and distribute medical aid, but will also move the most critical and urgent patients to new locations for higher care.

Military volunteers getting to the hardest to reach people and places.

Hurricane Ian Disaster Relief

$5,056 of $5,000
Project Completed