Housing for Refugee Families

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Location: Hopkins, Minnesota
Partner: Arrive Ministries
Placement: Housing
Impact: 20 People (4 Families)

Every $1,500 covers the Security Deposit for a Family to secure safe housing!

Lift Up in partnership with Wits Realty is working to help as many immigrant families as possible by covering their security deposits as they land on their feet and find a job. This allows them secure a way to make an income while their initial housing expenses are covered by you. Imagine leaving your home or office right now, today, with the items you can fit into your purse or a backpack. You cannot take a shower and will be wearing the clothes you are in for the next week. It will take every ounce of bravery, courage and strength they can muster to just make it to the US. These are people who are educated, held great jobs in their home country and had to flee a war-torn area. We want to support them in getting on their feet as soon as they get here.

Securing affordable housing and connecting families to needed support.

Housing for Refugee Families

$6,001 of $6,000
Project Completed