8 Houses in Malawi Villages

$2,400 of $2,400
This project is completed!
Location: Meteketa, Malawi
Partner: Goodjustice
Placement: Flooded Village
Impact: 72 People


In January of 2015, torrential rain hit Malawi, Africa wiping out many villages and taking countless homes, leaving thousands of people homeless.

The Malawi floods in 2015 not only took people’s homes and loved ones but also destroyed their crops and took all of their livestock. Most people had little to begin with. In response to that urgent message, Goodjustice took on the challenge of starting to rebuild homes through our initiative, Rebuild Malawi.

As we responded to the great need, our eyes were opened to the Hope that a simple home could bring. That is why, three years later, we continue to partner with villages and families to #RebuildMalawi. These simple homes bring so much life into the villages. With a home of their own mothers, fathers, and guardians can now care for their children with confidence knowing that they will not be preyed upon by the elements or by individuals. Goodjustice hires all local labor and also requires all of our families that receive a home, have a high level of sweat equity in the process of building. The square footage of these homes range from 256ft² to 300ft².

These 8 homes will have an impact that ripples through entire villages, generational impacting communities in need!

Lift Up is a Non Profit that believes every donation makes a difference, which is why we make sure 100% of your donation goes to those we Lift Up. We make it easy for you to change the world, whether it be social causes, being able to donate clean water, or building housing for families in Malawi, we believe every project matters as we strive to bring the tangible needs that are close to your heart to the light.

Strengthening families through the impact of a home.

8 Houses in Malawi Villages

$2,400 of $2,400
Project Completed