Hawaii Wildfire Disaster Response

$50 of $10,000
1 Days Left
Location: Maui, HI
Partner: Aerial Recovery Group
Placement: Community Development
Impact: 1,000 people

Aerial Recovery Special Operations Advance Reconnaissance (SOAR) Team and Volunteer Corps Disaster Response Operators are actively deploying to Maui in response to the wildfires that are engulfing the island. Disaster Response Operators will conduct Search and Rescue operations, including advanced drone operations, including advanced drone operations, and medical response operations to rapidly locate and save local lives in the ongoing wildfires. 1,000 or more people will be saved. Lift Up’s Wheels Up Fund is providing a way for Humanitarian Special Operators to be able to rapidly deploy to effectively save lives around the globe.

Save Lives, Eliminate Confusion, Maximize Support and Accelerate Recovery.