Sustainable Food for Families in the Mountains

$3,433 of $5,500
This project is completed!
Location: Nuba, Sudan
Partner: Lift Up the Vulnerable
Placement: Hunger
Impact: 500 Women & Children

By providing seeds, materials, and agriculture training to lift up 500 women and children in the Nuba mountains of Sudan, the entire surrounding community will benefit and become more food independent and self-reliant. Agriculture opportunities keep women and children not only fed, but also safe from being trafficked. Farms and the training to women results in sustainable long-term change by generating income, improving nutrition and crop diversification and ultimately stimulates community economic growth. One of the many challenges in Sudan and South Sudan is food insecurity and malnutrition.

Currently, our anti-trafficking network centers are entirely dependent on food imported from Kenya, Sudan, or the USA. The rainy season can last for six months, creating transportation challenges for imported goods due to unpaved or damaged roads and inadequate infrastructure. During the dry seasons, supply trucks are at-risk to hijackers and dangers in navigating conflict zones.

It is the shared desire of Lift Up the Vulnerable and its local partners to mitigate these dependencies and risks by taking steps toward food independence. Our agriculture program is a proven and replicable model that focuses on solving the pressing problem of food insecurity in Sudan and South Sudan through practical training and tangible support. Trainings will equip and enable students, staff, and community members with practical skills to contribute to and drive forth 1.) increased crop production for consumption and income generation, and 2.) improved health and nutrition through dietary diversity.

Sustainable change lifts up the vulnerable.

Sustainable Food for Families in the Mountains

$3,433 of $5,500
Project Completed