Haitian Basketball Court

$1,000 of $1,000
This project is completed!
Location: Fontaine, Haiti
Partner: Fountain of Christ
Placement: School Grounds
Impact: 350 Kids

Fontaine, Haiti is a placed filled with amazing kids. 350 of them attend school at Fountain of Christ. They are all so talented and vibrantly full of life. Many of them are also living without an extended family due to losing parents. Every kid receives a free education, along with a nutritious meal every day of the week. So many of these kids in the community would be hopeless and uneducated without this school, not to mention malnourished. With Lift Up being able to partner with this project we hope to maximize their impact in the lives of these kids. It has been amazing to see the impact already made through this small project, and can’t wait to continue to bring hope to a community in such desperate need. Kids flock to their new basketball court daily during recess, after school, and even on the weekends.

This is the only basketball hoop in the entire village of Fontaine, Haiti. Initially, none of the kids knew how to play the sport of basketball. Once the founder of Lift Up brought the movie “Space Jam” for the kids to study, they caught on very quickly. Now basketball has quickly become a favorite place for kids to come together and experience the joy of playing in a safe environment. It is a great alternative for so many kids who would otherwise spend most of their time on the streets.

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Transforming the lives of a younger generation, who can grow to change a nation from within.

Haitian Basketball Court

$1,000 of $1,000
Project Completed