Teenage Girls Education in the Congo

$1,000 of $1,000
This project is completed!
Location: Kikimi Village, DR Congo
Partner: Espoir Congo
Placement: Primary School
Impact: 53 Girls

Only $19 to provide one teenage girl the sanitary pads necessary to attend school for a full year!

Espoir Congo is a school that loves promoting gender equality and girls’ education. Although they are proud to count slightly more girls than boys in the school, one big obstacle teenage girls are facing is that families don’t have the resources to purchase sanitary pads for their daughters. This is a huge hurdle and disadvantage to the female students who miss a significant amount of school due to this issue. They end up staying home 5 days out of each month.

Sponsoring one pack in our school would make a life-changing impact for a female student. This project will send 53 teenage girls to school for an entire year! increasing their self-worth, making it possible to succeed, and creating an equal opportunity as the boys. All for less then $19 per girl.

Last June, all 43 students who took the final state examination to obtain a Primary School Diploma succeeded. However, we should have had more. Several female students missed the exam due to the lack of proper care products.

We care for the orphaned and underprivileged.

Teenage Girls Education in the Congo

$1,000 of $1,000
Project Completed