Girls Orphan Home in Haiti

$7,500 of $7,500
This project is completed!
Location: Pignon, Haiti
Partner: Fountain of Christ
Placement: School Grounds
Impact: 25 Girls

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The need for a girls Children’s home in the village of Fontaine, Haiti is enormous. There is an increasing need for orphan care as many kids are living without parents, and sometimes even left on the street for days. This project will be completing a home for 25 girls from the ages of 2-12 to live in permanently. Providing two meals every single day, and a mother figure to care for the needs of the kids.

Also, this home is being built on the the same 5 acre plot of land as the one free school in the village. This means, kids will have access to a large yard to play in, as well as a commercial swingset, and easy access to an education. The impact on the lives of these kids is going to be life-changing, and make a generational difference.

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Girls Orphan Home in Haiti

$7,500 of $7,500
Project Completed