Inner City Kids Hockey Equipment

$4,210 of $4,200
This project is completed!
Location: Twin Cities, Minnesota
Partner: DinoMights
Placement: Twin Cities Elementary Schools
Impact: 280 Kids

Give Hockey Equipment to one kid for $72!

At DinoMights, hockey is more than just a game. For kids growing up in low income, diverse neighborhoods in the Twin Cities, joining a DinoMights hockey team is more much like becoming part of a family. As we walk with students from early elementary through high school, DinoMights offers a life-changing connection to a positive community of peers and adults. We support at-risk students as they grow and help them gain the tools they need to successfully transition to adulthood.

For many kids in DinoMights, the relationship begins in first grade, through the Greg Carroll Learn 2 Skate program. Offered through five elementary schools in South Minneapolis and now also in St. Paul, Learn 2 Skate teaches courage and tenacity to nearly 400 first graders each year and enables them to experience the joy of ice skating. The program also introduces students to DinoMights, where they can join a hockey team and gain access to educational support and enrichment opportunities they would not otherwise have.

This project provides dedicated protective equipment for the Learn 2 Skate program. The Learn 2 Skate program has grown by almost 70% in the past five years and largely due to this growth, DinoMights now serves over 130 students year-round who participate on a hockey team. The result has been a shortage of equipment. Currently much of the protective equipment for Learn 2 Skate and DinoMights’ year-round team players must be shared by both groups. This requires the staff to constantly shuffle gear in and out of team players’ bags during Learn 2 Skate, causing confusion and reducing the staff time available for relationship-building with the kids.

Your support will enable us to purchase 72 sets of gloves, elbow pads and shin pads that will establish a set of dedicated protective gear for the Learn 2 Skate program. The first-time skaters will be equipped without the need to “borrow” these items from the year-round players. Staff time will be saved as they spend less time managing equipment, enabling them to focus on the life-changing relationships they are building.

Learning to skate connects these kids to a community that can change their lives.

Inner City Kids Hockey Equipment

$4,210 of $4,200
Project Completed