Restaurant Employee Relief Fund

$10,007 of $10,000
This project is completed!
Location: Twin Cities, MN
Partner: Eyeswide Hospitality Group
Placement: Community Development
Impact: 100 Families

It is time to Lift Up those in need! Together we can Lift Up restaurants employees who have lost their jobs this holiday season. These unprecedented times have left many families in need. Including: no paycheck, not being able to give their own kids Christmas gifts, keeping food on the table for the holidays, or even remaining in stable housing this winter. We ask you to join us as we do whatever it takes to help our neighbors in need. Here is a quote from one restaurant owner: ‘We received devastating news that we are going to have to shut down again and lay off over half our team just before the holidays without any extra help from unemployment to help them through this.’ Below you can find the brands we are currently partnered with to give back in this unprecedented time of need.

Supported Brands:
Farmer’s Grandson Eatery
Burgers and Bottles
Volstead House Whiskey Bar
Bourbon Butcher Kitchen and Bar
Whiskey Inferno Smokehouse and Craft Bar
Mean Miner’s Street Tacos
Tequila Butcher
Farm Town Brew Hall
Italian Butcher
Best Damn Whiskey Club

Lift Up is a Non Profit Organization that believes every donation makes a difference, which is why we make sure 100% of your donation goes to Lift Up these restaurant workers. We make it easy for you to change the world, whether it is being able to donate clean water or providing aid to our friends and family in the restaurant business, we believe every project matters as we strive to bring the tangible needs that are close to your heart to light.

It is time to give back to those who have served all of us!

Restaurant Employee Relief Fund

$10,007 of $10,000
Project Completed