Deep Water Well in Uganda

$8,507 of $8,500
This project is completed!
Location: Mayirinya, Uganda
Partner: Peace Gospel
Placement: Primary School Campus
Impact: 5,200 People

Every $5 gives clean water to 3 people in need!

For a long time, we have had a need for a water well at our Uganda rural primary school campus but due to various pressing needs in other Uganda programs, we just have not been able to take care of this yet. The conditions of the area are such that it would require a deep borewell and therefore is more expensive than average, at around $8,500 to drill the well.

About the school:

Started: 2012
What it provides: education and nutrition support
Ages served: 3-12 years old
Total number of staff employed since opening: 39 teachers and 18 other staff members
Children enrolled since 2012: 789
Seats: 250
Number of students currently enrolled: 250

We would also like for the well to serve the local community which lacks adequate water supply. The population of this remote village (Mairinya) is approximately 5,200.

We believe everyone should have access to clean water!

Deep Water Well in Uganda

$8,507 of $8,500
Project Completed