COVID-19 Girls Relief in South Africa

$2,190 of $2,100
This project is completed!
Location: Cape Town, South Africa
Partner: Dignity Campaign
Placement: Communities in South Africa
Impact: 350 Girls

Only $6 to provide dignity for a girl in need!

You can make a difference in a girl’s life by donating $6  to sponsor a Dignity Pack, which includes 3 washable/reusable pads, soap, and a facecloth. This project will impact 500 girls, and the overall goal is to provide Dignity Packs for 1,000 girls.

With communities facing obstacles like sickness, unemployment, lack of food, and increased abuse during COVID-19 Lockdown, girls in South Africa need our support more than ever. Girls and women are in dire need of menstrual products to care for their bodies during their periods.

Instead of being forced to use unsanitary items like toilet paper, newspaper, or even socks, we want to provide girls with a set of reusable/washable pads to care for their bodies during menstruation in a dignified, sustainable way. These washable pads will last for up to FIVE years, so your gift will keep on giving!

Our vision is to see young people find their identity, belonging, and purpose in God. 

COVID-19 Girls Relief in South Africa

$2,190 of $2,100
Project Completed