COVID-19 Community Relief | New York City

$620 of $3,000
18 Days Left
Location: New York City, NY
Partner: The Bowery Mission
Placement: Hunger
Impact: 1,887 People

Provide a MEAL for only $1.59 to someone struggling with homelessness in NYC! The Bowery Mission continues to provide essential basic needs and emergency care, called “Compassionate Care” services, to New Yorkers who are most vulnerable in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Bowery Mission’s Compassionate Care program responds to NYC’s homelessness crisis by providing meals, shelter, clothing, hygiene care, and more at two locations in Manhattan: 227 Bowery and 90 Lafayette St. With the rapid spread of COVID-19, the Mission has had to adapt these services virtually overnight to ensure the safety of all guests, staff, and volunteers. At our Bowery Campus, we now serve two “to-go” meals out the door each day: breakfast at 8 a.m. and lunch at 1 p.m. Already, we are serving nearly twice as many people for lunch, with the total number served up 88% percent since the onset of the pandemic (more than 400 lunches per day). At our Tribeca Campus, we continue to provide emergency overnight shelter and two emergency meals to 194 adults each day. With higher numbers for both breakfast and lunch at our Bowery Campus, The Bowery Mission is averaging close to 1,300 meals served per day across all program sites — up from the former average of 1,200 per day prior to the onset of the pandemic. We expect this need for emergency food relief to increase as more and more New Yorkers experience economic displacement through lost jobs and disrupted hourly work. Lift Up is a Non Profit Organization that believes every donation makes a difference, which is why we make sure 100% of your donation goes to Lift Up the people of New York City during this pandemic. We make it easy for you to change the world, whether it be social causes or providing meals to the people of New York City, we believe every project matters as we strive to bring the tangible needs that are close to your heart to light.

Compassionate care for hurting people in the New York.