Computers for Jamaican Female Students

$2,600 of $3,000
15 Days Left
Location: Montego Bay, Jamaica
Partner: Harriet Hall Foundation
Placement: 3 Local Schools
Impact: 20 Students

Give the gift of education to a female student for $160!

Covid-19 has become the new normal for us, and while most of us have adapted to the new normal, many of our students on Jamaica are getting left behind.

This project was created to help keep our students on track during the pandemic. Jamaica was not ready for 100% online learning, our education system was not equip to provide the needed resources for our students to be successful.

School has been in session since October 5 and we still have students who still haven’t attended a day of class, because they have no internet access or device to attend online classes.

With this program and your help, we will be able to provide computers and data services to students across 10 of the 14 parishes (states) in Jamaica. It will be a small but impactful start to getting all of our students connected to eLearning.

These students are just waiting for someone to reach out and help them live up to their full potential. The future of these students depend on the work we do to help secure resources to help them excel.

Preparing vibrant and driven young women!