Clean Water for 3,000 People in Ghana

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Location: Kontonso, Ghana
Partner: Operation Dignity International
Placement: Clean Water
Impact: 3,000 People

Clean water in this community means kids will not become ill as frequently and can attend school more often. Currently, thousands of Ghanian people walk miles to the stream early in the morning to gather the drinking water, then throughout the day the stream is used for bathing and washing clothes. Animals spend time in the water, making it unclean and unhealthy for the people to drink out of. This water well will be built and sustained by local people, which will help feed their economy. There will be a small service fee to use the well, which will make the cost of maintaining it more affordable and will keep the community invested into taking care of it. Operation Dignity International desires to invest in the people of Ghana by developing and equipping their cultural leaders in order for them to become change agents in their communities by closing the information gap and fostering positive change by providing tools and resources for enterprise development, health and human services, technology and virtue-based leadership. These elements will drive community development and serve as the vehicles for reducing systemic poverty, increasing employment opportunities, improving healthcare and ultimately, enabling Ghanaians to become self-sufficient.

Everyone deserves access to clean drinking water!