Clean Water in 50 Houses

$2,510 of $2,500
This project is completed!
Location: San Isidro, Honduras
Partner: Goodjustice
Placement: 50 Houses
Impact: 300 People (50 Families)

Give the Gift of Clean Water for only $50!

This Christmas season we have an opportunity to provide clean water for families in need, in the village of San Isidro, Honduras. For only $50, a highly effective, in-home water filter will be provided for an entire family! Once received, water filters will be owned and operated by each individual family. We have partners at Goodjustice who are going to provide the in-person training and equipping for every single family receiving water filters this Christmas season.

Each filter has the capacity to provide 15 gallons of clean water daily, for 12-18 months. Simple replacement of filters will allow the water device to sustaiably provide clean water for years to come!

Access to water is typically not the issue with this area of Honduras. However, water in San Isidro is not treated and contains hazardous contaminates that drastically impacts peoples lives in the village. From adults not being able to work, to children not being able to attend school, all due to the quality of the drinking water. Bringing filtered drinking water in 50 homes would be an incredible gift that would help the life of the village explode with potential.

Everyone deserves access to clean drinking water.

Clean Water in 50 Houses

$2,510 of $2,500
Project Completed