Clean Water for 132 Honduran Homes in 6 Villages

$6,695 of $6,600
This project is completed!
Location: Honduras
Partner: Goodjustice
Placement: Clean Water
Impact: 132 Homes

Clean Water for 12 years for $50 per home! For only $50, a highly effective, in-home water filter will be provided for an entire family! Water filters will be owned and operated by each individual family. Goodjustice partners with the families to provide in-person training to equip every single family with the education and skills they need to operate their filter system. Each filter has the capacity to provide 15 gallons of clean water daily. Simple replacement of filters will allow the water device to sustainably provide clean water for about 12 years! On World Water Day – March 22, 2022 – we are bringing clean water to 22 homes in each of these villages/communities:

  • Nueva Esperanza
  • Picachito
  • Buenos Aires
  • Los GlobosCacitas
  • Agua Amarilla

Access to clean water is a HUGE issue in these areas of Honduras, the water is filled with contaminants that are toxic and fatal – creating issues for the entire community – from adults not being able to work, to children not being able to attend school, all due to the quality of the drinking water.

The number one cause of death globally is lack of access to clean water.

Clean Water for 132 Honduran Homes in 6 Villages

$6,695 of $6,600
Project Completed