Build a Home in San Pedro for a Family

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Location: San Pedro, Dominican Republic
Partner: Youth With A Mission Caribbean Partners Inc.
Placement: Housing
Impact: Family of 8

Build a home for a family in San Pedro, Dominican Republic! With high unemployment and low wages San Pedro de Macoris is one of the poorest communities in the Dominican Republic. Many families live in substandard housing, where the rain pours through the roof and many live on dirt floors. People in the community spend their time moving furniture and clothes so they don’t get wet.

With no access to low interest rate loans the families have to build with cash. This process takes a family about 7-10 years to actually be able to build a home if all goes well. We build for families that meet our specific criteria, including: 1. They make under $100-200 a month 2. They have children. 3. They own the land. Many will add small businesses to their houses because they now have time to not just think about keeping their belongings safe and dry, but can dream about their futures – making this very sustainable and with long-term benefits for the entire community! Become a Lifter today!

More than Four Walls and a Roof - You are Bringing Hope to Hard-Working Families

Build a Home in San Pedro for a Family

$12,212 of $12,000
Project Completed