50,000 Meals for Displaced Families

$1,206 of $5,000
2 Months Left
Location: Myanmar
Partner: Venture
Impact: 50,000 People

Every $1 is 10 meals! Thousands of Myanmar people are fleeing the country weekly as the worst Civil War in history continues. Villages are bombed and houses burned. They take only what they can carry. They traverse the jungle, mountains, and rivers until they are out of danger. It starts with providing them food. We can help. They also will have access to shelter, safety and more resources through the work of Venture and its partners on the ground in Myanmar. The Burmese and ethnic minority groups are fighting for land and power. The war has intensified in the past few years. Since February 2021 there have been 600 airstrikes on minority villages, over 1.5 million people have been displaced, and countless people were killed.