Doug Bechtold

Director of Innovation

Doug and his wife Lisa live in Bloomington, MN along with their children Jacob and Kelsey.  The Bechtolds enjoy board games, spending time with extended family and friends, and watching old TV seasons of Survivor.  Family vacations in nature or on the beach are always a treat as well.

Doug has held leadership positions with global software companies which leverages his engineering background and a passion for building delightful products.  Doug enjoys working with people that have different backgrounds and perspectives.  He fosters teamwork and helps others achieve their full potential. A fantasy football junkie, Doug also enjoys basketball and has an extensive collection of “Dad Jokes”.

Doug spent many years coaching youth sports but now that his kids are young adults, he was looking for new avenues of giving back to the community, joining Lift Up in 2020.  Doug is currently focused on evolving the Lift Up platform and back-office processes.