Emergency Relief in Myanmar

$100 of $30,000
20 Days Left
Location: Northern Karen State, Myanmar
Partner: The Urban Village
Placement: Hunger
Impact: 1,000

Since 1949, the people of Burma (Myanmar) have experienced military dictatorship and oppression at the hands of the Tatmadaw Regime. Glimmers of progress have faded as the Tatmadaw has once again taken control of the country in a Coup D’etat. Attacks against ethnic minorities in the country have since severely escalated. The Karen people are an ethnic minority that call the eastern border of Myanmar their home. This group has been targets of Tatmadaw oppression and violence since 1949. On March 27th of this year, the Tatmadaw began an airstrike campaign against innocent Karen villagers. Bombs have killed 40 civilians, injured hundreds, and caused thousands to flee into the jungle. Over 700 civilians have been killed in the larger cities causing many to flee into the Karen ethnic area. In the city of Bago, 82 people were killed in one day. The situation is dire. There are now currently over 24,000 Internally Displaced Peoples hiding in northern Karen State. The displaced are surviving on emergency rations that will soon run out. Heavy rains have started and the rainy season will begin in full in upcoming weeks. The displaced are in dire need of food, clean water, shelter, and other supplies. The Urban Village team will arrive in Thailand at the end of April and is already coordinating a response on the ground. We plan to pack “care packages” filled with rice, non perishable foods, a tarp, a blanket, a flashlight, batteries, a lighter, medical supplies, feminine products, and other survival necessities. We will then move these packages into Burma and distribute to displaced peoples hiding in the jungle. Our partners Free Burma Rangers and the Karen National Union will help us make this possible. This will be no small task, but our team is committed regardless of the dangers of which there are many. Please help make our efforts worthwhile. We desperately need your help.

For the love of love, for the hope of hope.