Clean Water Filters for Jocotan

$3,350 of $3,300
This project is completed!
Location: Jocotan, Guatemala
Placement: Families Homes
Impact: 1,500 People

EVERY $22 Dollars gives an entire family access to clean water for 10 years!

We are looking for people to help donate clean water to the people in the rural villages around Jocotan, Guatemala by distributing 150 Sawyer Water Filters impacting as over 1,500 people with the capacity to impact over 15,000 if families share with each other. Each filter costs $22 including a locally sourced bucket that will hold the purified water. Not only will these filters provide clean water to hundreds of families, but also improved health, more time for school and work, and so much more!

These Filters are one of the most tangible and simplest ways to lift up an entire community. Families can construct and adapt their filter in just minutes to locally found containers. The Sawyer Filter will serve 100 people everyday and last 10 years, filtering thousands of gallons of water. By purchasing your own filters to take to those in need, or by donating to a filter project, you can help us help others get access to clean water everyone deserves.

Lift Up is a Non Profit Organization where we believe every donation makes a difference, which is why we maximize your gift by making sure 100% of your donation goes to those we Lift Up in places like Jocotan. We make it easy for you to change the world, whether it be social causes or being able to donate clean water to communities that need it, we believe every project matters and strive to bring the tangible needs that are close to your heart to the light.

Become a #Lifter today and make a life-changing impact for families in Guatemala.

A Hope and a Future for Every Person in Every Community

Clean Water Filters for Jocotan

$3,350 of $3,300
Project Completed