Honduras Needs Your Help

Honduras Needs Your Help

Back-to-Back Blows in Honduras

Only months before COVID- 19 hit Honduras in early 2020, they declared a national emergency for record-high Dengue outbreaks (a mosquito-borne tropical disease).. As Honduran families adjusted to the unknown and dangerous environment around them during the worst dengue outbreak in history, COVID entered the scene and further attacked their already vulnerable economy and group of people that had no time to get back on their feet.  And unfortunately, that was just the beginning for our friends in Honduras.

Hurricanes Ruin Homes in Honduras

And unfortunately, it didn’t stop there. A beautiful people – already drowning in a national health emergency and immense poverty – had to face the waters of Category 4 Hurricane Eta immediately followed by Category 4 Hurricane Iota. 

These hurricanes tore through the country in waves of up to 8 feet of water, entering thousands of homes and endangering everyone in their paths. Months after, the people of Honduras are living in homes saturated with thick, wet mud and debris. And that’s if their home is still standing, and many are living on the streets because their homes were completely destroyed. In combination with severe poverty, the current health conditions are putting Honduras at risk for being considered unlivable for so many families. 

Did you know that. . .?

  • Almost 70% of the Honduras population lives in poverty.?
  • Hurricanes Eta and Iota  hit nearly 4 million people and killed over 90?
  • Reconstruction in Honduras is expected to take 6-12 years.?
  • The leftover water from the hurricanes is putting Honduras at high risk for malaria and leptospirosis crises?

Unlivable Conditions

In combination with severe poverty, the current health conditions (recap: Dengue outbreak, COVID-19, unsafe homes full of water and mold, malaria and leptospirosis) put Honduras at risk for being considered unlivable for so many families. Honduras has endured loss after loss in a seemingly relentless stroke of setbacks, but we can do something about it!

Let’s LIFT UP Honduras in THREE WAYS

At Lift Up, a local non profit organization in Minneapolis, Minnesota, we are partnering with GoodJustice, another incredible non profit organization that has been helping our friends in Honduras meet their basic needs since the hurricanes first hit. Take a look at the amazing work they’re doing, and the projects we can help fund together!

  1. CLEAN WATER:  Water Filtration System

For under $100, you can purchase a water filtration system that will change the life of a Honduran family. While they may have access to water, it is filled with contaminants that can be toxic and even fatal, especially to children. Once the water filter is received, Goodjustice provides installation training so that the family can receive 15 gallons of clean drinking water every day for 12+ years. Afterwards,  a simple replacement of the filter will ensure clean water for the foreseeable future. 

  1. Pilas: Water Collection Units

Many Honduran homes do not have a bathroom, kitchen or laundry room. These simple water tanks for only $150 each keep a greater amount of water on hand near homes and homes. Your donation to provide this simple water tank for a Honduran family will allow them to keep a greater amount of water on hand and preserve it in drier times, allowing the community more time for work and education. Imagine spending time every day walking a long distance retrieving water to cook with or wash your clothes, then re-using that water over and over again.

  1. Bathrooms Belong in Homes

I’ve never lived in a home without a bathroom, but that is the reality for some families in the village of Honduras. Without a bathroom, it is difficult for a family to maintain sanitary living conditions and keep sickness at bay. Your donation of $150 will build a bathroom for a Honduran family. It doesn’t just provide the gift of sanitation and cleanliness, but also sickness prevention that allows children to be better educated and adults to better provide for their communities.

“Goodjustice has responded since the first day after Hurricane Eta and continues to respond with hot food, food staples for cooking, medicine, clothing, diapers, water, water filtration systems and milk. The need is very great, but with your help we will continue to respond with emergency assistance in the weeks to come and with rebuilding homes in the months to come.”


Our Call to Action. How can we help? 

The year of 2020 was really hard for families all over the world. We all struggled to adjust in one way or another, but there are some people out there who have had it harder than most. Our friends in Honduras need help. These families are just like ours and are fighting to survive. Will you become a Lifter and make a huge impact for these Honduran families?

More About Lift Up

Lift Up is a Non Profit that believes every donation makes a difference, which is why we make sure 100% of your donation goes to Lift Up those who have suffered at the hands of hurricanes in Honduras. We make it easy for you to change the world, whether it be social causes, being able to donate clean water, or helping those impacted by natural disasters. We believe every project and every dollar matters as we strive to lift up the tangible and sustainable needs. 













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