Impact in 2020!

Impact in 2020!

The Year in Review!

Lift Up has now existed for two full years. At the beginning of the year, we set out to maximize impact with our nonprofit business. We had no idea how or what that would look like, but with partnership, a pandemic and prayer – we exceeded all impact we ever thought possible! 

In two years, Lifters (i.e., any person who gives a donation to Lift Up) have impacted 67,006 people around the world through $527,268.33 and 43 projects. We’ve also added 14 new corporate partners who have made corporate donations! In 2020, our non-profit organization almost completely doubled the impact of 2019! In a year that looked gloomy and doomy for many, we certified projects with major impact all over the world to lift up and love people. Whether you want to donate clean water, relieve effects of COVID-19, or build schools or houses – you can always find a number of certified projects on our website

What Have we Learned?

As we’ve aged and grown, we’ve learned some things along the way – like the needs around the world are bigger than we could ever grasp, and generous people are all around to help. 

  • Our certification process is unique and effective. By taking every project through a rigorous 12-step certification process to ensure tangibility and impact, transparency, and sustainability our Lifters have 100% confidence and trust in knowing where their dollars are going. We take the work out of searching for reputable ways to make a difference and donate. 
  • Lifters love to choose their impact. Think crowd funding sites like Kickstarter, GoFundMe or even giving through Facebook – it’s special to be able to choose which cause is nearest and dearest to you. We want to have 3-5 open projects on our website at all times to give your more options to choose from making impact in your local community, like Minneapolis, Minnesota or in a third world country like Haiti.

What Lift Up Will Keep the Same?

  • 100% model – We know every dollar makes a difference, so we will continue to give every single one away. 
  • Tangibility is key – We will continue to find tangible projects around the world. We know tangibility increases the quality of life for a community. 
  • High impact projects – It has been amazing to see how small amounts of money continue to bring huge impact around the world. We will continue to find these places and projects where huge impact can be measured. 

How we Want to Change the World in 2021?

We have some huge goals for the new year and need your help to lift up social causes all around the world. Continue to check out our website regularly for new certified projects. If you are closely tied with any national or local nonprofits, we’d love to add more regular nonprofit project partners to our certification list, please reach out. Goals for 2021 include: 

  • $1,000,000 in donations
  • 100 certified and funded projects
  • 100,000 people impacted
  • NEW: Podcast
  • NEW: Donor Profiles 

Will you join us in changing the world in 2021? We can’t wait to see where the impact is next! It’s an exciting time to be a nonprofit business. We are so grateful for all of our amazing Lifters and we know that, together, we can bring healing to a hurting world. 

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